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De Waddenzee
Stretching from west to east at the top of Holland lays one of the world's most unique nature reserves. This beautiful area with all her islands, deep water ways and high sand banks is one of a kind. The tides keep these waters in constant movement, changing the shipping lanes every year. This ensures that sailing on the Waddenzee never gets dull.

The Islands

Texel is the largest island in this area and the possibilities are very diverse here. From taking a walk in its nature reserve 'The Slufter' to riding a bicycle to the 'Cocksdorp' to visit the lighthouse. Eating a freshly caught fish at the harbour or hitting the town to visit one of the many pubs. Texel has several villages and not to far away from the harbour 'Oude Schild' lays 'Ecomare' where they treat seals and birds that live in the Waddenzee. You can also find a large aquarium here where you can see al the different live forms that live in the Waddenzee and Noordzee.

Vlieland is the smallest of the Wadden islands and only has one settlement. The harbour borders onto the beach, forest and the dunes. Because only the island natives are allowed to drive cars on Vlieland, it is an ideal place for riding a bike or travelling by horse and carriage. A short walk away from the harbour lays the village; it is very quaint and well kept and has its own feel in comparison to the other islands.

With its 30 Kilometres length, Terschelling is the longest of the 5 Wadden islands. With its famous lighthouse the 'Brandaris' soaring above the island and the many dunes surrounding it, it is truly a great sight when you sail into the harbour which is right in the middle of the town West Terschelling. This island offers something for everyone, large areas of beautiful nature to explore, little villages spread over the island and not to forget its long stretches of beaches and nature reserves. With a booming night live and host to one of Hollands biggest street festivals 'Oerol' Terschelling can offer you live music, theatre, art and more.

The further east you go the more beautiful the Waddenzee gets. The sailing channels narrow and the sand banks rise as the water level gets lower. Since the Maxima is only 70cm in draught and Olav and his mate are quite capable it is not a problem to visit Ameland. The island is known for its bird watching with over 50 different kinds of birds breading in its nature reserve 'Het Oerd'.

Schiermonnikoog lays the furthest to the east and this makes it quite a journey to visit, but as stated earlier the Maxima is a fast sailor. As on Vlieland only the natives are allowed to drive cars on the island. Schierminnikoog is known for its beauty and has been proclaimed as a national park. Visiting Schier with the Maxima is something you will never forget.

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